HOW TO AVOID VOTER’S REMORSE by Progressive Citizen

If I had one piece of advice to my fellow progressives before election day, it would be this: Vote progressive.

If you’re thinking of voting PC in order to stop the Wildrose from winning, you might want to think twice. Falling prey to the strategizing of Tory back room hacks who are desperate to snag your vote goes completely against the core of what we progressives should be doing. After all, in the end, it will only help populate the legislature in Edmonton with hoards of MLAs whose value systems and policies are diametrically opposed to those of any of the 4 centre-left parties: Alberta Party, NDP, Liberals, and EverGreens…. and yours.

Some have said that by voting in the Wildrose we would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Correct. But voting for the PCs, regardless of the reasoning involved, we also guarantee that we’ll land either in the frying pan or the fire. At the end of the day, the PCs and the Wildrose will not prove themselves to be essentially different in their long-term policies and legislation — only by a matter of degree and the speed by which they rush to complete their free market agenda. Yes, progressive voters might be feeling desperate, but looking ahead, it would be interesting to ask those who are thinking of voting PC because they’re afraid of the Wildrose how they’ll feel the morning after the election if they found out their vote could have made the difference between a PC or a progressive candidate winning. Most likely what they’ll do is hit their forehead with a smack and say, “What have I done?”

If you live in a district where it appears almost certain that a vote for a progressive will have no effect against leading PC or Wildrose candidates then you should vote for the progressive party or candidate of your choice, and not worry about holding off the Wildrose. Protest votes are a far more powerful display of support for forward-thinking values than voting for the PCs under any circumstances, and a right wing legislature in Edmonton needs to know that many progressive Albertans are paying rapt attention. In any case, this will be a very close election, and, in winnable constituencies, there’s a good chance that some progressive candidates who might not normally have a chance of being elected might surprise by waltzing up the middle to win.

If you’re intent on seeing a beneficial, progressive influence on public policies as a result of this election — and to be sure, this election is one of the rare chances we could have for many years to make that kind of difference — make sure your vote goes to a leading, progressive candidate as suggested by in those ridings where it could have a tangible effect.

As the saying goes, “What you allow, you encourage.”

It’s simple. Don’t allow the PCs to have your vote.

9 responses to “HOW TO AVOID VOTER’S REMORSE by Progressive Citizen

  1. Following up from my previous comment – I am reconsidering my strategic-PC-vote (in a riding with no suggested progressive candidate on ChangeAlberta) for this reason:

    Right before the election, 2 PC MLAs crossed the floor to WR. Even if the PCs won with a small majority over a strong WR minority and a small number of progressive seats … it would be very easy for WR to convince PC MLAs who may be more politically in line with WR and who didn’t switch because they didn’t think the WR would be successful to cross the floor to the WR, thereby switching potentially even a PC majority to a WR majority.

    That would be really, really irritating if I had voted for a PC to prevent the WR from forming government and they did anyway. I would be irritated even if the PC candidate I voted for won and didn’t cross the floor, but enough others did.

  2. The bottom line is, there is no such thing as a “no” vote. If you vote pc you are voting “yes” to pc policy. A vote for a progressive party candidate who doesn’t win is not a wasted vote. Politicians are aware of every vote cast and progressives who vote “strategically” against their true political hopes weaken the strength of the collective progressive voice by effectively silencing themselves by masquerading as pc voters. Don’t vote a lie! Since you can’t vote “no” to anything, vote “yes” to progressive values!

  3. I note that a few people appear to be still being suckered in by the Tory backroom hacks regarding making a misperceived choice between Wildrose and the PC’s. For a Progressive (true progressives) to vote for either is exactly what that grand old dinosaur Party–the PC’s want you to do. You are missing the obvious counter strategy in these situations which is to vote for a truly progressive party, and where possible in ridings where a Progressive might have an actual chance of winning, combining our votes as advocated by the ChangeAlberta website. In either case, your vote will have much more impact this way (even in a riding that appears to be going to the Wildrose by a slim margin over the PC’s) then simply going along with what has transpired for 40 odd years.

    Surely this ploy by the PC’s is as obvious as the nose on your face. To be philosophical about it, many Progressives have been fooled before and they will be fooled again, but after such painstaking airing of the rationale for voting truly progressively one would think Progressives would wake up and smell the coffee. Apparently not, although it also leads me to believe there is a much more devious explanation for this apparently inexplicable irrational thinking by some of our fellow Progressives. It is likely these posters above and elsewhere in the news etc. who are suggesting we vote for the PC’s to prevent the Wildrose from winning ridings are actually PC imposters trying to lead people to believe that such a tactic is ok and is being considered by other Progressive voters.

    The forceful point made by Progressive Citizen in the lead blog above is clear; Progressives are being targeted as soft center left voters by the Tories. Progressives must be on their guard and if they fall for the illogical trap they are soft alright; a little bit soft in the head. There simply isn’t any excuse for a true Progressive to ever vote for the Wildrose or the PC’s, full stop.

  4. Hi Kathryn,
    Yes, vote for whomever makes sense to suit your politics! For some, that might mean voting for the lesser of two undesirable parties – for others, it might mean choosing their number one, favoured party, merely as a protest vote that will remind politicians in the legislature that there’s a hefty opposition out there who didn’t vote for them.
    But yes, strategic voting is tool that works best in constituencies where progressives have a combined solid number that has a more than decent chance at challenging the right wing. In other ridings where progressives are few and far between, it’s not nearly as useful.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! It looks like on Monday I’ll be voting for a “winnable” progressive in my constituency. I have grandkids to face the next morning. Since they’re not card-carrying members of any political party, they’ll have questions about the outcome. And neither of my PC or Wildrose candidates have the answers.

  6. If it seems obvious that a WR or PC candidate will win in my riding, I would certainly vote your conscience and I am none too happy about considering a PC vote. But as far as I know, and I have not lived in this riding long, there is no way to call the riding I’m in. I have no idea who will win it. ChangeAlberta does not have a suggested progressive candidate either, and if it’s vote my conscience and the WR candidate wins by a small margin … I would be very upset. I may need to vote PC in a riding where it’s close between the PC and WR because in the short term, they are not the same. If all I can do is pick between frying pan and fire, I have to choose pan.

  7. Hoping for a real progressive change

    Come on people spread the word. Let’s not allow the PC/Wild Rose combo to take advantage of the idea of strategic voting, which is being promoted to pull together the left votes in this province. First they appropriate “progressive” now this.

  8. I’ve never voted PC before and I’m strategically voting PC simply to stop the Wildrose party. Yes they’re both conservative parties, but one is further right (and crazier) than the other. Based on overall Alberta views, there’s no way one of the centre or left of centre parties will get in. I still have public healthcare and decent pubic education under the PCs.

    So in short, I disagree and will not feel remourseful about voting PC to try and keep the Wildrose out

    • I will cry when I vote PC tomorrow…but that’s the only thing I can do in my riding to stop the Wildrose…if I vote for my party and the Wildrose win, I will regret it for the rest of my life. I will send a donation to my party tomorrow after voting…

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