Dear Change Alberta supporter,

Dear Change Alberta supporter,

We need your financial  support, no matter how small, in order to get
out the message to Albertans about who the strategic progressive
candidate is in their constituency. We want to run an aggressive social
media campaign over the next 3 weeks to that end and need to raise an
additional $5000 beyond our current modest finances in order to reach
our objective. If we raise additional funds we would also commission
professional polls in constituencies that seem too close to call based
on our constituency research.

Why is a social media campaign critical for this election? The answer is
that early polls suggest that more than four in ten Albertans plan to
vote for a progressive candidate. There is a real chance of electing a
legislature in which progressives are in the majority or at least form a
huge component of the legislature in what may be a minority government
situation after May 5.

We plan to begin with a campaign starting this week to promote “Like”
advertising for the Change Alberta Facebook page since communications
specialists tell us that we need a larger set of likes to generate the
necessary buzz to get people sharing our page in large numbers. Then, as
our full “recommended candidates” list is released one week before the
election, we would have an advertising specialist promoting the list.

Change Alberta is registered as a third-party election advertiser and
all monies received by our organization are receipted. But only the
names of contributors of more than $250 are reported to Elections Alberta.

You can donate to us by going to the website, then
clicking “Ways to Support” at the top of the front page. At the bottom
of “Ways to Support” is our donate section where you can press “donate
and send money to us via Paypal. Or you can simply send a cheque
addressed to Change Alberta at: 7753 96 Street, Edmonton, AB, T6C 4P8.

Could you consider sending us $25? $40? $100? $250? $500? Whatever you
feel you can afford!

Alvin Finkel,
Change Alberta

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