Constituencies – Have your say!

Calgary & Banff – Cochrane
Edmonton &  St. Albert 
Red Deer
Northern Alberta
Southern Alberta 

5 responses to “Constituencies – Have your say!

  1. Trent bjorndahl

    Bob has had a significant presence during this campaign. The Medicine Hat News recently carried a story declaring he had the greatest audience support at the only all candidates debate.
    With no liberal running he certainly could split the vote.

  2. This website is great. However, I’d like to see a candidate posted for all constituencies,(even if winning is totally remote) so I can at least vote a protest vote for the closest alternative to the PC.

  3. Sherry Hilton of the Alberta Party is working hard on her campaign in the Peace River Constituency. She is doing some door knocking, is the only candidate with significant lawn and boulevard signage (which started going up within an hour of the writ dropping), did an excellent job at the first (so far only) forum, and is getting more traction by the day. Certainly worth watching.

  4. Coming up with an Airdrie recommendation soon I hope. Jeremy Klug of the Alberta Party has been the most recognizable and in the news

  5. I was hoping that you would have recommendations for my constituency (Whitecourt-Lac St. Ann). Since you don’t, I’m still undecided.

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