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  1. BK Gilbertson

    To withhold the rights of Albertans to pick from the list of actual running candidates is not only disturbing to me as a young voter but I believe it to be very undemocratic. How is it possible that Alberta can have a system where your choices are taken away or excluded? I must have moved or missed the release where other parties (no matter what their chances of winning) would be purposefully excluded solely based on “popular belief” that a certain party will win. Not only that, how can this blog be entitled “Change Alberta” but not include all parties capable of doing just that, changing Alberta. Sharolyn has the exact idea when she states that the analysis should be done with ALL CANDADIATES. This is exactly why Danielle Klooster for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake should be listed.

  2. I agree. Danielle Klooster and the Alberta Party should be included here.

  3. As a voter, I’m really happy they’re doing this, because I don’t always have access to all of that research myself, and the mainstream newspapers only ever promote the Tories and the Wild Rose, so this is merely a tool of more progressive voters’ information at our disposal. Yes, I agree, it is too bad they haven’t included all the constituencies, but they’re a smallish group and are therefore gearing their efforts to”targeting” only the ridings they think have half a chance of going centre-left (based on past results). That makes sense to me.

    PS INjured workers – yes, this is an important issue!

    • Thank you anon,

      If you have ever had to deal with Luc Oullette you will understand why I want Danielle Klooster to be shown. I called Luc june 27th last year asking for help with our 6 year WBC battle. He said he would have his secretary call my daughter and sent up an appointment. We are satill waiting.

      We called Dianne klooster and she was in our house in two days and got quite an education regarding WCB
      She is a very smart Lady and is very genuione in her quest fort ALL Albertan’s to get a fair shake and honest Government.

  4. How is telling us if a constituency is winnable any different from what the current government is doing? How about letting us decide? Now that would be a change! Include ALL the candidates then do your analysis. See what change is going to bring. Include Danielle Klooster for Innisfail Sylvan Lake.

  5. I note that Change Alberta has a tendency to exclude the Alberta Party. Get to know Danielle Klooster Innisfail/Sylvan Lake riding. If we want change, she is the type of Representative we want. Trust me.

  6. I cannot believe Albertan’s are not paying closer attention to what is happening to our injured workers. This is more than a serious situation People. It’s costing you money. Aish , health care and U.I.C are paying where W.C.B. is obligated too. Intimidation of the worker, intimidation of Doctors, Privacy Laws broken, Human rights tromped on as well as the charter of rights and breaking of the Law. Please get educated alberta. You will be extremely shocked. Ye3s, the files will back this up,