Know your Province

You have the power to change Alberta! Vote Strategically

You have the power to change Alberta! Vote Strategically

Number of hospital beds per 1,000 Albertans., 1994: 4.3
Number of hospital beds per 1,000 Albertans, 2009: 2.8 (Alberta Views, Nov. 2011)

Percentage of Alberta’s admitted ER patients who are currently seen within eight hours at Alberta’s 15 busiest hospitals: 38
Percentage of patients in UK hospital ERS that are seen within six hours: 95 (Alberta Views, Nov. 2011)

Percentage of Albertans employed directly and indirectly by the energy industry: 14
Percentage of the province’s GDP that comes from petroleum: 30 (Alberta Views, Oct. 2010)

Percentage by which the 2007 royalty review panel — comprised of independent local energy industry experts — recommended raising royalties by 2016: 37
After the oil industry threatened to abandon the province, number of the panel’s 11 suggestions rejected by the government: 6
Minimum number of subsequent royalty rollbacks: 3 (Alberta Views, Oct. 2010)

Following royalty rollbacks, amount of revenue Albertans have now foregone: $1.185-billion
Amount lost in “sponsorship scandal” that brought down the federal Liberals: $100-million (Alberta Views, Oct 2010)

Percentage of Alberta’s allocated water that is in the South Saskatchewan River Basin, the most taxed basin in the province: 58
Percentage of Alberta’s total allocated water in the North Saskatchewan, the province’s second most taxed basin: 29
Of every 10 Albertans, number whose drinking water comes from one of these basins: 9 (Alberta Views, Oct. 2011)

Percentage of water used by cities that is returned to the source from which it was drawn: less than 50
Percentage of water used in irrigation that is returned to its source: less than 50 (Alberta Views, Oct. 2011)

Year Alberta approved cash-for-water transfers: 2003 (Alberta Views, Oct. 2011)

Year in which the Edmonton Sun quoted Ralph Klein as saying, “The less we can spend on these things [sports and the arts], the better”: 1994
Year in which Ralph Klein cut all funding to AMPDC (Alberta crown corporation to fund filmmakers): 1996;
one year later, [the] proportion by which film production had decreased in Alberta: 2/3 (Alberta Views, Dec. 2011)

Percentage of total government expenditures on film, TV and video productions in Canada, 2006-2009, accounted for by Alberta’s government: 4
Percentage of Canada’s population Alberta represents: 11 (Alberta Views, Dec. 2011)

Amount of Alberta government support to local film 2010-2011: $15 million.
Amount the BC government spent on its film industry in 2008: $162 million
Estimated economic return to BC on that investment: $1.3 billion (Alberta Views, Dec. 2011)

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